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 Investing in massage is an investment in your health.



Therapeutic Massage

 ½ hour massage $35.00  

1 hour massage $65.00

1 ½ hour massage $90.00


*Client-specific treatment focusing on your individual areas of complaint.

*Techniques involve various forms of gliding, kneading, compression using light to deep pressure (depends on the client’s preference) and passive range of motion to create an environment of deep relaxation while encouraging a decrease in muscle tension.

*Depending on the situation and the client’s goals, other techniques that incorporate the client’s participation may be utilized in the session. These would include techniques of resistance, eye movement and active range of motion to further facilitate the muscle mobility, and retrain the muscles to a healthier movement pattern, by involving the brain.

*Also good for women who are pregnant, even up to the 9th month (may require permission from a health care provider).



Myofascial Release Massage

 ½ hour massage        $35.00

1 hour massage          $65.00

1 1/2 hour massage   $90.00

2 hour massage          $130.00


*This fascia (also known as a type of connective tissue) exists throughout the body, providing support, lubrication & movement of muscles, organs & bones in the body. Over time this tissue can become adhesive & constrictive there by restricting movement & often causing pain.

*A "deep tissue" massage using techniques that warm, mobilize & hydrate the fascia which then allows the muscles to return to their correct position, length & function.

*This type of work can be incorporated into a general massage session or as the specific focus for the entire session.


1 Hour Stone Massage


A soothing massage using the ancient art of hot stones and warm oil to induce a deep state of relaxation.


15 Minute Chair-Massage


 Ideal for people short on time

Excellent as an "on-site" service for workplaces and special occasions (additional set up fee)


Discount prices for "paying ahead" on select services


Prepaid Prices:


30 Minute Massage                                 $30


One Hour Massage                                 $60


90 Minute Massage                                 $85




Policy for Prepaid Massages


  • Must prepay at least 4 sessions to get the discount.
  • Does not include the Hot Stone Massage or the 2 hour Myofascial Release Massage.
  • Does not apply toward any gift certificates to be purchased.
  • We will track the balance in 3 places to keep the information accurate and up to date. Quick books, spreadsheet and in the client’s file.
  • Can be used with sessions with either Mary or Sue.
  • Can be used by the client to pay for his/her own massages as well as the spouse and/or children.






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